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Necklace for Different kind of dress

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An unwritten rule about the type of collar for a round neck dress is that they should be in the area before the neckline.

If you want to highlight your look choose choker necklaces that are almost glued to your neck and leave a space between the neckline and collar. The rest will already be a matter of your personal taste and your preferences. However, it is also true that if something defines fashion, it does not understand rules or norms.

So if you consider yourself a daring and non-conformist woman dare with Name Necklace and wear them over the dress.

Chokers for party dresses

And if we talk about party dresses, the options multiply. When it comes to outfits and looks at night you can risk and recharge you’re styling a little more than during the day.

The type of necklace for party dresses with round neckline can be both a choker and a bulky necklace.

If you prefer to play it safe, you will hit 100% with a little black dress accompanied by a choker with volume made with irregular labradorite, it will be impossible to stop looking at you!

Round neckline

The gems and precious stones of bright colours such as ruby, amber or aquamarine are ideal to add a touch of sophistication and colour to your dress.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a lover of the classic you can always choose the jewel that will never go out of fashion: pearls.

Necklaces for round neck blouses

The neckline is one of the most common in most clothes we have in our closet. The blouses sometimes seem complicated to combine with jewellery like necklaces, since we can fall into excesses. However, everything is to find the middle point, right?

In round neck blouses you can choose chokers of colours and different materials to add colour or elegance to the look.

Summer necklace

The necklaces attached to the neck with some type of pendant are fashionable and can be a way to use a simple jewel that enhances your style.


As for clothes, it is important to consider what type of clothes you wear the most.  The necklaces are very tight in the neck are always good with low-cut or no shoulders. Choker and princess, they fit with almost everything.

If you want to wear the pendant over a neck (shirt, blouse or turtleneck), the recommended measure is 50 cm and up.