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Use the Right Prom Accessories to Complement Your Prom Dress

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Use the Right Prom Accessories to Complement Your Prom Dress

Fashion gurus will surely agree that a black dress is a must-have for any girl. In terms of prom, a formal black dress will always look sophisticated, classy, and glamorous. But, the style of the dress you wear is not the only element that makes your black prom dress look complete. Even a simple black dress can have more glam if you accessorize it. To make sure you use the right prom accessories to complement your black prom dress, consider the following tips:

Wear Jewelry with Minimal Lines

If you want to safely and perfectly put off a black dress is by wearing jewelry with minimal lines. Think of wearing plain round and thin necklaces, or rings without a stone. You don’t really have to purchase something which combines a lot of fancy lines and patterns to maintain your elegance. Focus on making your dress your highlight in the night.

Don’t Wear Too Many Pieces

When you accessorize your prom dress, always take the minimal side. When it comes to formal events such a prom, you must wear just up to two pieces of jewelry at a time. This emphasizes the glam of your outfit without being excessive and fancy. Aside from your jewelry, you will be wearing other accessories like a purse and pair of shoes.

Use a Matching Bag

Although black tends to match with everything, picking a suede blue bag while wearing shoes and gold necklace will only take off from the elegance and style you want to display. Carry a bag in the same color as your shoes and jewelry. If you cannot find such a bag, choose high-end styles and fabrics that have metallic details.

Wear a Statement Necklace when you Go Sleeveless

Dress styles like sleeveless or strapless will require something to make them pop. A statement necklace will make a very interesting and sophisticated contrast.

Choose Something you can Wear Again

Because fine formal jewelry for prom is usually not cheap, you want to invest in something you can use in other formal occasions. Choose something that will match other formal outfits. This ensures you don’t get something that can cost a few hundred bucks and you will only wear once.

Choose a Contrasting Nail Color

Your nail style and color also accessorize your prom dress.  While you might want to take the safe side by getting a French manicure, it is best to choose a solid bright color that contrasts black.