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Wearing Sustainable Clothing: What You Should Know

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If you care about the environment but want to look good in your clothes, you need to choose a botanic fabric that feels good and natural to the touch. You can get this effect when you select any clothing made of TENCEL™, a trademarked fabric of botanical origin that uses cellulose fibres. This type of material not only keeps you cool and dry but also offers a number of other benefits.

Gentle on the Skin

When a TENCEL™ application is used, the wearer of the clothing enjoys a material that drapes well, is gentle on the skin, and is thermally regulated. Also, the colour will not fade when clothing is made with this type of product.

The modal fabric properties make wearing a TENCEL™ piece of clothing both comfortable and healthy. In fact, this type of fabric does not invite bacteria or germs that can lead to sickness. That is because TENCEL™ lyocell-type fibres absorb excess moisture when compared to polyester and synthetic materials. As a result, less moisture accumulates on the surface and it deters the growth of bacteria. Therefore, clothing made with TENCEL™ is considered hygienic and fresh.

As noted, colour retention is better when this sustainable material is used. That is because the pigment is deeply embedded in the modal fibres, which retains colour vibrancy. This type of application surpasses conventionally dyeing a material, thereby making TENCEL™ clothing less prone to fading after several washings.

A Flattering Look

Because TENCEL™ lyocell fibres are soft to the touch, they create a smooth type of drape, which flatters the figure or appearance of the wearer. In addition, the fibres naturally transport moisture, which keeps you feeling comfortable even when you are active and it is warm outside. Composed of natural components, the fibrils of the cellulose fibres are made to regulate the penetration and release of moisture. Therefore, this type of material breathes and allows you to feel cool and refreshed, regardless of the weather.

Because TENCEL™ lyocell fibres can absorb moisture well, they also are free of the kind of tension that creates an electrostatic charge. When you compare the material with other materials used today, it is notably different in this area.

A Luxurious Sheen

When you view the TENCEL™ lyocell fibres microscopically, you will notice that they display a slick and luxurious sheen. Therefore, this type of fabric shines, which makes it distinctively different than cotton in this respect. Whilst it keeps you comfortable and dry, it also adds an elegant look to your attire.

As you can see, TENCEL™ lyocell fibres make up a fabric that is first-rate, especially when compared to cotton, polyester, and synthetics. If you want to make a fashion statement and wear a material that is also sustainable, this is the fabric to pick. Learn more about the brands that produce this type of fabric online today. Do you part for sustainability. Go online today and learn all the benefits of wearing a TENCEL™ fashion. Both men and women love this innovative fashion material.